How the Water Resistant Backpack stands out from the rest.

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We have all travelled at some point be it a short distance travel or you were travelling to some foreign country all together. When travelling majority of the people use backpacks to carry whatever items they might need be it a change of clothes, your laptop, a camera, travelling documents, your phone or even a tablet.

water resistant backpack

During these traveling experiences, we have sometimes been caught unawares by a change in the weather and it starts raining. At such a point, the last thing you would want to happen is to have water leaking into your backpack an in case water leaks into your bag; it is most likely to get your belongings damaged.

For a long time the backpacks that have been available in the market we made from ordinary material that would absorb water in case it rained or the bag was submerged in water. With one of these bags, you would be required to put a cover on it in case it rained so as to protect your items. With time the fabric industry has undergone an evolution in the type of fabrics. Currently, we have fabrics that are water proof, water resistant and some even water repellant.

For this reason manufactures came up with the genius idea of making a water-resistant backpack. This backpack will offer you security in case of such an eventuality and it is the best option especially when going for a hike or camping or even to a foreign country where you have no idea about the weather patterns.

The good thing about these backpacks is that they are made in different designs to suit any form of occasion be it casual or formal.

What is a water resistant anti-theft backpack?

A water resistant backpack is one that can keep your items dry during a rain pour. This means that the water cannot leak in to damage your belongings because they are made from a water resistant fabric.

Is there a difference between a water resistant and water proof backpack?

Yes there is a difference, a water resistant bag will keep your items dry in case of a drizzle or a downpour but cannot do well when submerged in water. On the other hand a water proof bag will provide 100% protection of your belongings even when submerged in water.

What makes a water resistant backpack?

These backpacks are mostly made out of nylon or strong polyester. These materials can withstand rain for a while but might eventually start soaking in water.

Who is it made for?

Water resistant bags are made to cater for the needs of people who are mainly in the outdoors but they are not limited to them. These backpacks are becoming more popular in the market hence there is a wide variety available for you to choose from.

Why should I buy a water resistant backpack?

The importance of these bags cannot be emphasized enough. It could be the difference between having a laptop that is soaked in water or a completely dry laptop. It offers security in case of a downpour.


How much do they go for?

Generally, a water resistant backpack will be priced anywhere between $15 and $ 200. This mostly depends with the brand you choose to buy from and the type of material that the backpack is made from.

Categories of water resistant backpacks

There are several categories of water resistant backpacks that are available in the market today. The only difference between the various types of backpacks is the use and the material used to make each backpack. Some of these categories include;

  • The hiking water resistant backpack

This is perhaps one of the main categories that inspired these backpacks. These hiking backpacks usually are made from nylon and are suitable for hikers since the weather can change at any point and you will require protecting your belongings from soaking in water.

  • The outdoor or camping water resistant backpack.

Consider an even where you are going for water rafting or going down to the base of a fall. In these two places, there is a lot of water that would be splashing on you and hence the idea of the backpack.

  • Travel water resistant backpack

Traveling could be either to and from work or school or it could mean traveling to another country. In both cases, in either case, it is better to be safe from the unpredictable weather than having your belongings soaking in water.

In Conclusion

As much as being water resistance does not guarantee your belongings 100% security from soaking in water, it is better this than having a bag that quickly soaks in water. When seeking to buy a water resistant backpack you should consider the material used in making the backpack so as to determine how reliable it is.

Also, look at the zippers and how they have been stitched on the bag. If it has more holes it means that the bag will absorb water a bit quicker than others.

Lastly, when making your decision on which one to purchase it is always best to look at the reviews of other consumers as they will offer a useful insight on the quality of the backpack. You should also do your research extensively. Besides, at the end of the day it is you to make the purchase so better choose something you feel comfortable with.